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According to former Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach his new record ‘Child Within The Man’ has been some ten years in the making. The only conclusion I can draw after hearing the result is that Bach is back with a bang! It seems that Sebastian Bach, with the help of producer Michael ‘Elvis’ Baskette (Mammoth WVH, Slash, Alter Bridge, Ratt, Tremonti) and a bunch of guest guitarists and co-writers (including Myles Kennedy), has rediscovered himself here, sounding refreshed, determined and very inspired.


For Sebastian Bach this must be something like a new start of a career that after his Skid Row departure seemed to be going nowhere. Sure, he made a bunch of solo-albums, worked in radio and TV, did some acting, toured around, and was involved in several musical projects, but the success he obtained with Skid Row seemed further away than ever. The same must be said for Skid Row who went on after Bach’s departure with several singers but never even came close to the success of their albums ‘Skid Row’ and ‘Slave To The Grind’. Very recently their top-notch vocalist Erik Grönwall (ex-Heat) called it a day citing health reasons and (temporary?) being replaced by Lizzy Hale. I am surprised that Bach and Skid Row never reunited. Obviously, the differences were too big to overcome, too much water went under (and over) the bridge.


With ‘Child Within The Man’ mister Bach returns to his heavy rock roots. He is certainly not rehashing the old Skid Row style (although there are certain similarities there), but his singing is better than ever it seems. He has found his reach again, his feel for melody and a healthy portion of aggression in his performance. For the album people like bass player Todd Kerns, guitarist Devin Bronson and drummer Jeremy Colson got recruited while Bach co-wrote a bunch of tracks with guest guitarists such as Billy Idols’ Steve Stevens (,,F.U.’’), Australian guitar goddess Orianthi (,,Future Of Youth’’) and current Mötley Crüe axe-slinger John 5 (,,Freedom’’) and also producer Baskette added to the songwriting. It has resulted in an energetic and at stages quite overwhelming and inspired sounding heavy rock album with Sebastian Bach having the last laugh on his old band.


Bach states that if you like his solo-material you will for sure love this record. Well, I was not that impressed by his previous albums but this one is different and a real rocking cliffhanger with no doubtful songs at all. Sebastian Bach is back with a bang, no doubt about that! Bach has recruited a brand-new band around himself and is ready to relaunch his career. Never thought he still had it in him….

Release date: 10 May 2024



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