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Silver Bullet, hailing from Finland, was founded under the name Dirge Eternal, in 2008 but later changed their name into Silver Bullet. Their full-length debut album, released in 2016, was called ‘Screamworks’ and now ‘Shadowfall’ hits the stores. Silver Bullet is a true and pure power metal band and ‘Shadowfall’ presents a new singer: 36 year old Bruno Proveschi from Uruguay.


‘Shadowfall’ features ten brand-new tracks and they all sound very crisp and clear. Most of the tracks are traditional power metal songs with classic influences and characteristics from bands like Judas Priest and fellow country men Stratovarius. Just check out very recognizable sounding songs like: ,,Shadow Of A Curse” or ,,Falling Down”.

,,Creatures Of The Night” and ,,Dusk Of Dawn” feature guitar riffs and hooks that remind me of Iron Maiden, while other songs also have trademarks of German speed metal. To me this album lacks a certain own identity and own Silver Bullet sound. Unfortunately Silver Bullet also recorded the very superfluous power ballad, ,,And Then Comes Oblivion”, and the rather dull ,,The Ones To Fall”.


However, the power metal gem and crowning track of this album is called ,,The Thirteen Nails”, a classic power metal song indeed as it stands out due to the great guitar riffs, excellent melody and sheer power. Play this one LOUD, headbang, shout and scream along while playing your air guitar! ,,The Thirteen Nails” is a true and 100% pure epic melodic power metal hymn, while the rest of the material sounds way too familiar and alike. After a while you really do not know which song you are actually listening to, which is a shame as Silver Bullet really has some power metal potential. Maybe the next time? ‘Shadowfall’ is a rather mediocre power metal album, which probably will go under in the vast sea of power metal releases!

Release date: 20 January 2023



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