Review | The Dirty Denims – Party On!

Handclap Records / Ghost Highway

On May 24, 2024, the new album by Happy Hard Rock formation The Dirty Denims saw the light of day. The album is titled ‘Party On!’ and this title fits like a glove. In addition to the two live albums, the sympathetic foursome from Eindhoven [NL] have now released their fourth full-length album.

Their mix of Hard Rock/ Rock’n’Roll/ Punk Rock and a good dose of glam rock from the seventies, always seems to transport you to this era. They have also released several singles and EPs, as well as a WDR Rockpalast live recording. This band has certainly not been idle over the past 10/15 years.


In any case, the rousing nature of their songs live always guarantees a great night out. Does the band on ‘Party On!’ also manage to capture that feeling on record? Well, I think so. The sound and especially drive of the live show is captured beautifully.

Opener ,,Party On!’’ kicks off with an AC/DC like guitar riff and guitarist Jeroen Teunis has not only nailed these sounds, but it seems to come from every pore of his body. Drummer Suzanne Driessen and bassist Sebastiaan Verhoeven lay down the necessary low drive to provide soil for this and the rest of the songs. Mirjam Sieben, with her recognizable vocal sound and guitar playing, provides the convincing performance that this kind of music needs.

The Dirty Denims’ music can be best described as a mix between AC/DC meets Joan Jett completed with a little bit of punk rock attitude. ,,Victory’’, as far as the chorus is concerned, is a perfect example of the punk attitude the band secretly has as well. ,,Guestlist’’ is a nice reference to the people who suddenly become a band’s best friends at gigs and want to be on the guestlist to get in for free.


,,We Won’t Stop’’ is yet another uptempo rocker [as, in fact, all the songs are]. So don’t expect the band to suddenly come up with a sweet 80s ballad. No, The Dirty Denims stand for uptempo Rock And Roll! And there’s nothing wrong with that.

,,Devil In Me’’ has a somewhat classic Kiss vibe without being cliché. And that in itself is special. The Dirty Denims have managed to create their own recognizable style. In fact, you can immediately hear when something from this band is playing!


The new songs of The Dirty Denims fit seamlessly into the already existing repertoire. Happy and up-tempo are two keywords that fit here perfectly. Just like HARD WORK, because this band certainly does, check out their extensive concert schedule.

,,I Want It Now!’’ Has become the most punky song on the album. With a small nod to Motörhead in terms of song structure and wonderful bass work by Sebastian.


Summarizing, I can only say that most of it has remained the same with The Dirty Denims. Ten delicious new songs in the repertoire of these Happy Hardrockers, what more could you want!

The vinyl edition of ‘Party On!’ will be released by the Spanish Ghost Highway label, just like the previous vinyl releases.

I would say PARTY ON! and go see The Dirty Denims live, because that is where the real magic happens after all. And before that happens, let ’Party On!’ blast through the speakers one more time to get into the mood.

Release date: 24 May 2024



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