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The sophomore album `Promised Land’ of The Karma Effect is a soul-stirring journey through gritty blues-rock and soulful melodies. It’s a shaking and beautiful album that will leave you craving more. From the opening riffs of the superb lead single of the parading ,,Livin’ for the Thrill”, with its bass line propelling, the band kicks down the door with their electrifying brand of powerful bluesy and gritty rock. It is just a glimpse of more to come…


Vocalist Henry Gottelier is in fine form, ingraining each track with raw emotion, soul and passion. His raw powerful pipes soar over the crunchy riffs and driving rhythms, adding shades of grit and soul that elevate the material. He invigorates the songs with passionate performances, makes its bluesy and swinging prowess roar. The title track funky-toned ,,Promised Land” and the hip-swinging soul-unload of ,,Come to Life” are prime examples, with Gottelier’s vocals dripping with soulful and bluesy swagger as the band lays down a groove that simply won’t let off. Thunderous and packed with strut, it fires on all engines. There’s a wonderful tone in both, adding contemporary fire.

While rockers like the prancing rolling title track, and the wonderful anthemic ,,Be My Salvation” hit with undeniable force, the band also knows how to dial it back for more introspective moments. It is then The Karma Effect displays its most gracious shine. The epic slow burner ,,Still Falling for You” that is wonderfully orchestrated and brings a different passion to the plate. Low droning bass and subtle drums, piano, and wailing vocals, the song flourishes with its gripping chorus. The song nests instantly and will see you reach repeat constantly to drench your evening into a whiskey-state-of-mind reviving memories of your past. 


Energy is key though on this new album; Kicked into gear with rattling drum, ,,Come to Life” revives the better of Black Crowes while it doesn’t let off on the Bad Company vibe and tone. Best blend of bluesy rock with soulful swing I’ve heard in a while. Just listen to its dazzling solo and Reid’s powerful vocals and soaring wails. Another focal point of The Karma Effect are their impressive vocal layers. The interaction of all members is eminent and present, making the collective rock out powerful, cementing its musical comradery! 

The musicianship across `Promised Land’ is impressive and the musical interaction is spot on. Seb Emmins’ keyboards are placed in the back of the mix, providing wonderful rich tone, switching Hammond-style and Moog to inject the right contemporary swagger. ,,Better Days” sees his ebbing organ pitch the song into gear over weeping guitars and hammering drums. The rhythm section of bassist Liam Quinn and drummer Ash Powell lock into an unshakable groove with tons of parading swagger, providing the rock-solid bedrock for the dual-guitar pyrotechnics of Gottelier and Robbie Blake.

Colorful licks and melodies are intertwined with strutting riffs and powerful hooks. The solos impressive, feeding off one another perfectly. Their fretwork shines on tracks like the smoldering ,,Nine Times”, with its weeping guitar licks, ,,Better Days” with its scorching fretboard wizardry. Interaction is key all over this album. Going all in with piano adding a bar ‘n grill layer of grittiness, ,,See You Again” and ,,Wild Honey” bridge to US variants of their bluesy rocking potion.


From hard-hitting rockers to soulful slow tracks and ballads, The Karma Effect displays an impressive versatility and songwriting prowess on this album. They seamlessly blend influences from classic rock, blues, and soul into a sound that feels both vintage and modern. It oozes greatness all over.

`Promised Land’ is an album that demands to be played loud, with each spin revealing new layers and nuances in the performances. It’s a thrilling ride from a band that deserves to be mentioned among the rising stars of the British rock scene.

Summer vibes and goosebumps!

Release date: 3 May 2024



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