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A new band in progressive metal has emerged. Whom Gods Destroy is formed by keyboardist Derek Sherinian, guitarist Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal and vocalist Dino Jelusick. Along with the rhythm section of bassist Yas Nomura and drummer Bruno Valverde, they present their debut ‘Insanium’.

This band [or should I say project?] states in their bio that they cover many areas stylistically, from Led Zeppelin, Meshuggah and Muse, to the most technical prog. For me the emphasis is on the latter, as ‘Insanium’ is a very technical album. Dino Jelusick‘s power vocals do provide a somewhat melodic blanket. However, I do hope he doesn’t fall into the trap of being involved with too many bands at once. Also, I think it’s cool if he wouldn’t go full throttle all the time.


Musically, of course, we are dealing with the cream of the progressive crop here. Sherinian and Bumblefoot, both Sons of Apollo, among others, don’t have to prove themselves as musicians because we know they can play. Also the rhythm section, with Nomura and Valverde, is tight as a drum. I think many a prog fan’s heart will skip a beat for joy when they hear this album.

Personally, I would have liked a bit more melody here and there and a bit less complicated every now and then. Because it is quite a listen if you take this album from beginning to end, almost a full hour. Consequently, there are few resting points to be found on this album.


Perhaps ,,Find My Way Back’’ is the biggest rest point on the album. Although it does have a fairly heavy middle section. But for me this is one of the coolest songs on the album. More pieces like that would have brought more variety between the HEAVY PROG work for me. This album really does seek out the hard edges of technical prog.

In terms of production, everything is done to perfection, you can’t fault anything on this record. With ‘Insanium’ Whom Gods Destroy report to the prog front with a bang. Time will tell if we are dealing with a project or a band that will have a long life. In any case, this is compulsory fare for fans of Heavy Prog Metal.

Release date: 15 March 2024



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