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Two years ago, I reviewed the debut album ‘Intergalactic Demon King’ of American guitar player, composer and singer Zeke Sky and I was really impressed with that metal guitar rollercoaster, featuring some impressive guitar solos. Now, two years later, Zeke Sky releases his second album called ‘Unity In Command’ and I am kind of disappointed as this new album does not have the same high musical level as his debut one.


Again, most of the tracks are instrumental ones and ,,Brave Dominion” and ,,From Serpent To Scepter” are the true gems on this album, as they are again packed with fast, melodic guitar solos that kind of remind me of Marty Friedman. Especially ,,Brave Dominion” with its Eastern/Arabic sounding musical influences. ,,Overture 2”, which hardly clocks in at a minute, has lots of piano, before the heavy guitar hooks/riffs kick you in the teeth vigorously; while “Rubicon Smile”, also a truly short song, features lots of acoustic and twelve-string guitars.


The title track is again a very heavy one and here, to my absolute horror, Zeke even starts to grunt, and the entire song is really fast, heavy, and almost thrashy. Another track with vocals is called ,,The Tale Of Bygone Years”. That one is also really heavy with fast hooks and riffs, fast guitar soloing, but I have to mention that Zeke is not the best singer on this planet.


‘Unity In Command’ is, besides being a noticeably short album, a kind of disappointment as Zeke repeats himself too often and the songs featured here are definitely not as good as on his debut album. But maybe that is only my “imagination” and maybe I expected too much of Zeke Sky’s new album. However, ‘Unity In Command’ is not a bad album, hell no; so, play it LOUD and there is enough to enjoy for sure as Zeke Sky’s best song ever (so far, that is), ,,Brave Dominion” can be found on this album!

Release date: 31 May 2024



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