RHINO BUCKET-The Last Real Rock ‘N’ Roll

Acetate Records

Rhino Bucket is another name from the late eighties/early nineties that is still going strong. Although no longer on a major label this Van Nuys, California based band around singer/guitarist Georg Dolivo and bass player Reeve Downes (the only remaining original members) keeps on going and has released more than a handful of studio, compilation and live-albums whilst touring their asses of in the USA and Europe. The recipe has been and still is simple: kick ass rock and roll, played hard and without any nonsense. When you listen to the twelve songs on ‘The Last Real Rock N’ Roll’ you just can’t ignore the similarity this band has with groups like AC/DC, Airbourne and especially The Angels, a band that still exists in Australia. The style, the performance and the grittiness it sounds so familiar. It is like the spirit of the deceased The Angels original singer Doc Neeson has flown over the ocean and landed in the vocal chords of Georg Dolivo. So if you are into that particular hard rocking genre it might be an idea to check this balls to the wall record out as tracks like ,,Hello Citizens’’, ,,Bang My Drum’’, ,,So Long’’ or ,,It Is A Sin’’ do rock like hell.


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