Richards crane cover

RICHARDS / CRANE – Richards / Crane

UKJ Records

During the crowdfunding campaign for the brand new Ugly Kid Joe album, fans and supporters also had the chance to put hand on a very special piece of music. To call this long awaited record a solo album by Ugly Kid Joe singer Whitfield Crane would be completely wrong. Former Godsmack and Another Animal guitarist Lee Richards and his long time friend Whit created ten very emotional songs that will touch every listeners heart immediately. The heavy guitars of both Godsmack and Ugly Kid Joe have no room on this record. Instead, the two artists show their calm and melancholic sides and it suits them well. The album proofs one thing for sure: a good song doesn’t need to be overproduced and overfilled with gimmicks and gadgets, a good song remains in its simplicity and the debut album of Richards/Crance is filled with ten of this kind of songs. Stripped down to the basics, mainly acoustic guitar and the brilliant voice of Whitfield Crane makes this a must buy record for every music lover with a heart and soul.


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