ROBIN TROWER-Coming Closer To The Day

Provogue/Mascot Label Group

At the age of 74 English guitarist/singer Robin Trower is not slowing down yet. Although the album title means that Robin realises that the day that he will meet his maker is coming closer and closer (but that goes for all of us) the veteran quietly goes about his business. Before starting his own solo career in 1973 he played in Procol Harum for a handful of years and throughout his career Trower worked with great singers like Jack Bruce, Davey Pattison (ex-Gamma), Livingstone Brown and especially James Dewar, a singer/bass player that was just as important for the Robin Trower sound as Robin himself. With his deep, dark and very soulful voice James Dewar was the perfect fit for the often dreamy sounding blues rock that Robin Trower wrote. Unfortunately James Dewar died at the young age of 59 in 2002. The last few years Robin started singing himself and although he does not have the same quality as the above mentioned great singers he does a very reasonable job indeed. The music is typical for the career of this blues rock icon. The songs are easy on the ear, have a dreamy and fairly slow character but are based on great riffs and solos that never ever sound out of place. Tasteful blues rock is what can be heard on ‘Coming Closer To The Day’, not very fast but intense and played with mucho gusto and inspiration. With just the help of drummer Chris Taggart and recording engineer Sam Winfield this record is a pleasant listening experience through and through.

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