samael hegemony


Napalm Records

Yes, we have cheese, good cheese and yes, we have chocolate, the best in the world and of course, we have army knives, but we also have the root of extreme metal. Yes you heard me, a complete genre wouldn’t exist without the pioneers from Switzerland. Celtic Frost, Coroner, Messiah, The Young Gods and last but not least, Samael. Yes, our country might be small and from the outside world, we might look reserved and neutral, but believe me, with all the clichés, Switzerland also has the highest quality in extreme metal. Samael are around for quite a while and the brothers Vorph and Xy are the masterminds. In a genre that very often is extremely narrow minded, they created a sinister and dark sound by implementing programmed electronic drums. Yes, electronic…can you believe that? And they are doing this for years with such a perfection and in an authentic way that it doesn’t matter at all. The brand new album `Hegemony‘ is just the tip of the ice berg and another statement from the band that there is not much room at the top. If you are a metal fan and haven’t heard of Samael, I’ll tell you first: shame on you followed by…go check out the roots, listen to Samael, Celtic Frost, Messiah, Coroner and you’ll understand that extreme metal is not born in Scandinavia but in beautiful small Switzerland.


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