SAXON-The Re-releases 2018

Saxon-Wheels Of Steel-Strong Arm Of The Law-BMG Records

BMG has just re-released the first three albums by Saxon. Although their self titled debut ‘Saxon’ (1979) was originally released just before the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal really exploded they are considered one of the frontrunners of this movement together with Iron Maiden and Def Leppard. Although the album is a bit of a mishmash of a band looking for the right direction it still has its moments like with for instance ,,Stallions Of The Highway’’. As bonus there are the demo they made as Son Of A Bitch, a BBC Radio One session from 1980 and 3 songs from the Monsters Of Rock Festival that same year. 1980 was the year Saxon released, what turned out to be not one but two classic albums. ‘Wheels Of Steel’ with timeless songs like ,,Wheels Of Steel’’, ,,Motorcycle Man’’ ,,747 (Strangers In The Night)’’ followed later that year by ‘Strong Arm Of The Law’ with classic tracks like ,,Heavy Metal Thunder’’, ,,Strong Arm Of The Law’’, ,,20.000Ft’’ and the fabulous ,,Dallas 1PM. This re-release of ‘Wheels Of Steel’ also includes some demo rehearsals as well as the second part of their unforgettable 1980 Monsters Of Rock appearance, ‘Strong Arm Of The Law’ contains a BBC session from 1982 plus some remixes. All in all you can never have enough Saxon material and the last couple of years singer Biff Byford and his men are cleaning up their closets so the fans miss nothing. The CD’s are packed in nice digibooks with many old photos and background info. Expect re-releases of the next few albums soon. Great material from a band that almost forty years later still is capable of moving the masses, release great albums and rock every festival and show they play.


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