Nuclear Blast Records

Are you as sick and tired as I am of losing so many of our heroes in 2016? Lemmy, David Bowie, Prince, Scott Weiland…..what kind of a son of a bitch anti rock ‘n roll villain is going around and kill them all? What to expect next? Ozzy? Springsteen? Please fuck off and go back to where you came from, evil energy. Thank God we also have a plan B. Fresh new and young bands to follow our icons ways and fill their shoes. Scorpion Child delivered the perfect mix of Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin on their debut album back in 2013 and will march on with the follow up record ‘Acid Roulette’. The boys from Texas definitely worked on their sounds for sure. The 13 songs are equipped with tons of little details, combined into kick ass rock ‘n roll songs. As the rumor has it, Led Zeppelin are working on a new album, well….if you guys aren’t able to deliver something like ‘Acid Roullette’ you better stay in the rehearsing room and practice.


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