Second Function_Feed Yourself


Brownsville Records

Second Function from Switzerland is one of these unique bands that is capable of sticking together almost forever with a constant evolution in their musical output. Founded in the mid-nineties, with only one replacement musician, the threesome is delivering high quality music like a swiss watch. After touring Switzerland, Germany, Japan with Biffy Clyro, Dog Eat Dog amongst others and several full length masterpieces, it is time now to focus on what’s most important in doing music: fun and satisfaction. Fuck what others think and simply do what you want to do. This is basically the summary of the brand new EP called ‘Feed Yourself“. Flo, Sascha and Luki don’t rely on food from others but take what they think is best for them. The six songs are an authentic output which every fan of bands like Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro, Incubus and others will simply love. This is a must buy record for everyone. 



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