SELFMACHINE-Societal Arcade

WormHoleDeath Music/Pimp

Blend together the widest variety of metal genre and sub-styles, and you pretty much have Selfmachine covered in a nutshell. The band’s unique approach towards metal is intriguing as it is effective. Loud and obnoxious riffs are paired with raw energy spawning a thick-layered groove that has you nodding and rocking out instantaneously. A progressive unexpected hook throws you off course while a sudden slow pace rifts into doom. Underneath it all, the band manages to inflict their crunchy riffs with melody, and even tings rock while unloading their ‘Societal Arcade’.
The opening track ,,Against The Flow’’ spits fierce riffs combined with slick sweep picking while tapping into progressive death metal occasionally. Vocals are clean and powerful, delivered in layers adding up to the dynamics. An occasional grunt contrasts with the excellent vocal work but adds to the poise of the compact tune. Another surprising ability of the band; create progressive outstanding music with plot-twists and unexpected hooks with compact tunes. A lot is happening and it is hard to break down the turbulence on hand after only one spin. The music keeps growing and every spin of the disc reveals more greatness of their multi-dimensional brainchild. The hectic single release ,,Giddy-up!’’ reminds of high-geared Metallica magnitude but the throbbing bass that takes it into a melodic pop twist is tough to grab. The band rages and spits flames at psychic pace, but when they take it all down a notch Selfmachine stuns with ear mingling excellent structures. Just check out the herefore mentioned and its jaw dropping solo implemented. ,,No Cliché’’ breathes a poppy melodic grandeur, sophisticated like Queensrÿche’s best work, but reminiscent to 3 Doors Down in terms of toning. The song nests in your head comfortably before ,,Nothing’s Worth’’ wakes us up again with melodic power maintaining the progressive stretch of Selfmachine. The raw energy is kept alive throughout the album and styles are easily mixed; Funky influences in ,,Normal People’’, stop motion hooks propel the melodic metal core monster ,,Universe’’ onwards while ,,Luminous Beings’’ is slow paced and ominous unloading in great mastery during another wonderful solo. All styles and mood swings add up to the pleasure of this remarkable endeavour. Never a dull moment with Selfmachine. It is exactly that what makes Selfmachine unique and colourful at the same time. While describing their sonic cocktail as ‘modern metal’, they sell themselves short. Selfmachine’s music is a tough nut to crack but if a label would fit their package, it should be ‘stubborn metal’. Check it out!


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