Septic Tank artwork


Rise Above Records

Having its dirty roots in 1994, the year when UK punk, hard core formation Septic Tank was formed, now 24 years later the very first full-length album `Rotting Civilisation’ is recorded and released. It is obvious those angry motherfuckers haven’t lost the anti society attitude at all over these years of absence. `Rotting Civilisation’ contains 18 to-the-point tracks that tap directly into the old school early 80s punk and hard core music mentality, with even a touch of Motörhead. Septic Tank features band members of Cathedral and Repulsion and doesn’t make things prettier, so what you get is a bombardment of high blood pressure vocals, noisy and gritty sounding guitars and bass tunes and aggressive, hyper drum tempo’s. `Rotting Civilisation’ serves simple, raw, angry and almost primitive sounding music, like moments of relieve referring to the frustration, sickness, failures and rottenness of mankind and today’s society. Pogo and circle pit guaranteed.


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