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SERENITY-The Last Knight

Napalm Records

The seventh full-length studio album of the Austrian power metal rockers Serenity is again a must for lovers of melodic, bombastic metal as ‘The Last Knight’ is filled with catchy choruses, addictive guitar riffs, melodic, emotional vocals and serene guitar solos galore. Excellent songs like ,,Invictus” (full power ahead), ,,My Kingdom Comes” (the heaviest track), ,,Queen Of Avalon” (with a slight folky touch) and ,,Down To Hell” (up-tempo) make this album indeed a treat to listen to over and over again. ‘The Last Knight’ is again a concept album as the lyrics are based on and inspired by the life of the Roman emperor Maximilian 1st.  The lyrics fit almost perfectly to the bombastic melodic, sometimes orchestral, sound of Serenity and the absolute highlight of this album is ,,Call To Arms”, a very emotional and again bombastic song with a nice Austrian musical flavour.
So, conclusion: Serenity has redefined themselves, but not really, without forgetting their true musical roots, being epic symphonic melodic power metal, so enjoy.

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