SEVENDUST – Kill The Flaw


One of the most stable and constant delivering bands in the industry, Sevendust, are back with their brand new album ‚Kill The Flaw’. As expected,, the level is as high as always and you can feel, even after 20 years in the business, they are not tired of riffing their trademarks onto a record. It is a pitty though that the reception of the band over here in Europe is still not as high as in their homeland USA. Maybe it is because Lajon Witherspoon and the boys are barely touring Europe at all. With ‘Kill The Flaw’ I’d say it is more than about time to move their asses over here for some extended touring cycles. Even though touring is expensive and record labels rather spend their money on shit than good bands, Europe does love Sevendust and I’m sure Sevendust does love Europe as well. So lets make them both happy and present your new killer album to us in 2016.


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