SHIRAZ LANE carnival days COVER

SHIRAZ LANE-Carnival Days

Frontiers Music srl

On their second CD ‘Carnival Days’ the Finnish rockers of Shiraz Lane continue their good time rock and roll as they displayed that on their 2016 debut ‘For Crying Out Loud’. By adding some horn sections on a few songs like the title track the group around singer Hannes Kett tries to sound a bit different than most groups that play party/glam rock and roll. At least Shiraz Lane tries to do something different I suppose but in general there is too much fluctuation in the song material. It is heavy enough, up-tempo most of the time but also very cliché. Shiraz Lane is described by their record company as a band in the style of Lixx, Santa Cruz, Hanoi Rocks, Brother Firetribe and Aerosmith. That is all well and good, but is about good songs and performance. If you look at the performance of the musicians there is not much wrong I suppose as especially lead guitarist Jani Laine comes up with some stunning solos but the songs just go into your ears and a few seconds later out again without making a big impression. ‘Carnival Days’ is a record you listen to but never ever makes you really sit up and take notice.


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