SIMO-Let Love Show The Way

Mascot Records/Provogue

I must confess that I am not familiar with the first CD of this trio hailing from Nashville, Tennessee. Based on what I have heard on ‘Let Love Show The Way’, I think I will start looking for that album. Guitarist/singer JD Simo, bass player Elad Shapiro and drummer Adam Abrashoff serve us an interesting cocktail of blues, rockabilly, rock & roll, southern rock and there are even some jazz and psychedelic influences in the 13 tracks. This is not your everyday straight forward blues rock album (the first track ,,Stranger Blues” is already an example of what is to come). This CD needs a listener with an open mind, someone who counts people like Joe Bonamassa and maybe even Neil Young to their favourites. You can clearly distinguish that Simo records the album without a lot of fuzz. There are hardly any overdubs, the music has a huge live feel. Without wanting to take anything away from Mr. Shapiro and Mr. Abrashoff, it is clear to me that JD Simo is the main character and driving force behind this group. His guitar parts are very colourful. He can play it heavy as you like or put in a soft and creative approach. It is all there like for instance the beautiful acoustic instrumental ,,Today I’m Here” or the enigmatic rocker ,,Ain’t Doin’ Nothin’’ (towards the end very psychedelic and sounding a lot like a jam between the three musicians with exuberant guitar work). Like I said: ‘Let Love Show The Way” is not just a regular blues rock CD, it is for people with a lust for adventure, who like to ignore any musical boundaries. Simo mixes it up! Interesting and well worth listening to.


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