Napalm Records

There probably couldn’t be a better album title for the new Skindred longplayer than ’Volume’. Compared to other bands, they are like Spinal Tap guitar amps, they are always one louder than anyone else. This also reflects in the constantly growing success by one of the current bands with the highest touring frequency. ’Volume’ won’t stop the way up of UK’s hottest export product. The album will blow everyone‘s mind and will gather even more people at their shows. Skindredmania is on. Forget all the hipster shit out there and spend your money on two things: 1. Go buy ’Volume’. 2. Go see a live show of Skindred…oh and while you’re there, you probably want to buy a shirt as well. Yes, you’re right, I mentioned two things to buy, so what? I can’t count, but I can do one thing for certain: tell you that if you don’t think Skindred is fucking amazing, you probably just have a bad taste in music. Period!


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