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Six years after the last album ‘World Painted Blood’ and two years after the tragic death of axe man and main songwriter Jeff Hanneman plus the departure of drum monster Dave Lombardo, I ask myself one major question: do I really want to listen to a new Slayer album? Is this band called Slayer still Slayer? Well, after listening to ‘Repentless’ I can answer my question with yes, I wanted to listen to that and yes…it is still Slayer. Most probably not their best work, compared with masterpieces like ‘Reign In Blood’ or ‘South Of Heaven’ but definitely scratching on the good old times when Slayer were known as the most brutal band of the scene and not just a copy of themselves. I’m sure there will be a lot of controversy around this album, but well…it is a new Slayer album, what do you expect?



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