Frontiers Music srl

Remember that first CD of this band hailing from 2013? It was a blast to hear experienced guys like singer Chris Ousey (Heartland), guitarist Micky Moody, bassist Neil Murray, drummer Harry James, keyboardist Adam Wakeman and guitarist Laurie Wisefield join forces. All these guys have been around for years in bands like Whitesnake (Moody and Murray), Thunder (Harry James) while Wisefield made a name for himself with Wishbone Ash and playing in the Tina Turner Band and Wakeman had a spell with Ozzy Osbourne. Shortly after the release of ‘Snakecharmer’ and their first real big tour Micky Moody said farewell to the band he started himself with Murray. In his place Irish guitarist Simon McBride was recruited. It has been a few years since that first CD, which can be easily explained. All musicians have their own bands and projects. Ousey released a solo-CD last year and Harry James seems to work every day of the year as he is also involved with Magnum, Shadowman and Thunder. In matter of fact as soon as the Thunder tour for ‘Rip It Up’ finishes up, Snakecharmer hits the road in the UK., while a new Shadowman CD called ‘Secrets And Lies’ has already been recorded by Mr. Harry James (coming out in May this year). Harry must for sure be a workaholic. Anyway, if you enjoyed the first one of Snakecharmer, you’ll be over the moon with this one. Okay, the Whitesnake connection is there in the music, but who cares?! ‘Second Skin’ is a little diamond in the rough, sung by a guy that I see as a singer in the category Paul Rodgers, Robert Hart, Glenn Hughes. Chris Ousey has been around for years (Virginia Wolf, Heartland) and has that voice that just puts you under a spell. Yet he is only known by a (too) small group of rock fans. ‘Second Skin’ is a perfect example of how traditional British blues/heavy rock should sound. Big songs, big singer, big guitars, steamy drums and bass and colourful keyboards sown together in accessible hard rocking and melodic songs. Nothing new under the sun, but oh so good and extremely entertaining with songs like ,,Are You Ready To Fly’’, ,,Follow Me Under’’, ,,Punching Above My Weight’’ and ,,Sounds Like A Plan’’. It sounds like a plan to me that if you are into this kind of beautiful heavy rock style not to miss this CD. Top notch!!!


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