SNOW-At Last

Escape Music

I thought I would never experience the moment that any material of the Los Angeles based band Snow would see the light of day! This group was formed in the second half of the seventies by the brothers Carlos (guitar) and Tony (bass) Cavazo. Indeed, the two brothers that later would be active in Quiet Riot (Carlos) and Hurricane (Tony) and with success as well. The Cavazo boys recruited singer Doug Ellison and drummer Stephen Quadros and started playing in the Los Angeles scene in that period where also bands like London (Nikki Sixx), Quiet Riot and others were chasing their dream playing back yard parties and later on in the more famous clubs on the Sunset Strip like The Whiskey and The Troubadour. Only problem for Snow was that several other bands got a record deal and they did not. So they recorded the ‘Snow EP’ with five songs and the limited vinyl copies became a hot topic in the underground circuit for years to come. I remember paying top dollar for my copy a lot of years ago. The band never got properly signed and when Carlos Cavazo joined Quiet Riot Snow melted away. It is quite surprising that the English AOR label Escape Music is now releasing those old songs on a CD and if you are able to lay your hand on the limited edition you’ll get a bunch of live recordings from those days as well. If you are into the bands that I mentioned above ‘At Last’ might be something for you. I must admit that now the recordings sound really blend and very outdated when you look at production and style. Party rock that was later made big by Quiet Riot, Ratt, the Crüe and others is what Snow brings to the table and it is nice to hear a few old time favourites such as ,,Crack The Whip’’, ,,We’re Gonna Make It’’ and ,,I Don’t Want Any More’’ come by one more time but ‘At Last’ does not make a lasting impression. I’m afraid that there will only be a very limited audience for this release as this subgenre is not so popular anymore.


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