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SONS OF TEXAS-Forged By Fortitude

Razor & Tie Records

On their second CD ‘Forged By Fortitude’ the five hell raisers that form Sons Of Texas have not changed much in comparison with their 2015 debut CD ‘Baptized In The Rio Grande’. Two years of touring have made the band tighter as you can conclude from the compact songs on the CD, but not a lot has changed. The band worked again with producer Josh Wilber who also got involved with the song writing and they for sure have not managed to shake off the Pantera influences that were so clearly to hear on their debut. And the way the CD has been built up is similar to the debut as well. Again the band starts their CD fast and furious with the neck breaker ,,Buy In To Sell Out’’. Vocalist Mark Morales just belts it out in an aggressive and quite brutal manner and as a listener you are straight away woken up and dragged into this song that could have been on any Pantera album with Phil Anselmo. Also ,,Feed The Need’’ and ,,Beneath The Riverbed’’ pack a heavy punch as basically the whole albums does. But just as on ‘Baptized In The Rio Grande’ ‘Forged By Fortitude’ has its melodic moments where the band takes their foot of the gas and Morales just sounds completely different, showing that he can be very versatile if he wants to be. If you have a copy of the first one don’t hold back and get ‘Forged By Fortitude’ as it will shake things up because this band knows how to rock and has two very strong guitarists in Jes De Hoyos and Jon Olivarez. I am looking forward to the future of this band, wondering what they will develop into guided by the experienced manager Larry Mazer (The Wildhearts and I believe former Kiss).


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