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SONS OF TEXAS-Resurgence


Hell yes, a new release by the amazing Sons Of Texas, but wait, its “just” an EP and it is not even available physically over here in Europe, unless the band would play any shows and sell it at their merch booth. But that’s how it works these days, while the music industry had thrown the money out of the window just a couple decades ago, artists have to sell their last pair of underpants to make at least a little bit of money to keep their music alive and move on. Mark Morales and the boys are delivering the passion to have at least this little EP out to the fans, which hopefully will lead to a lot of live shows which will then hopefully lead to a third full length album. At least it is to say, the three songs ,,Spoils Of War’’, ,,Resurgence’’ and ,,Lock, Stock & Barrel’’ are as killer as possible which makes me hit the repeat button right after finishing. 12 minutes for heavy rotation for open minded fans of amazing southern heavy rock. Especially the last song ,,Lock, Stock & Barrel” reminds me a little bit about HELLYEAH (including the late Vinnie Paul, R.I.P.). Again, it is sad this EP only contains three songs, but we can all be happy that there are bands out there like Sons Of Texas who do everything they can to keep these mosh pits alive and cut new music out of their bones and bleed for all of us. Never forget and support the bands you like, go to their shows, buy their merchandise, otherwise one after the other will disappear.

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