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I am always happy when a new album of these Swedish masters is announced. Since 1994 guitarist Michael Amott (whose main band is Arch Enemy) has kept this band alive and so far (including this one) has delivered us nine albums. The musical style has never really changed. All albums have this psychedelic touch and all that it really is, is a perfect combination between the dark and brutal riffs of Black Sabbath combined with the smooth and groovy sound of a Hammond B3 organ, so often displayed by Deep Purple. I was a bit worried when the singer Janne ‘JB’ Christoffersson left the group, but his replacement since 2010 Apollo Papathanasio has proven to be a worthy successor. On his third CD with the band the singer feels clearly at home and delivers in all aspects. For me Spiritual Beggars has developed their own recognisable sound throughout the years. The combination of Amott’s guitar work and the melodic and groovy keyboards of Per Wiberg is second to none and takes you more than once back to the seventies and eighties time frame. Also the fact that the band is now operating for five years in a steady line-up helped form that own identity, something that so many bands are lacking. If you like the 2013 CD ‘Earth Blues’, then you will love ‘Sunrise To Sundown’. This CD has a little bit more variety (listen to the middle part of the song ,,No Man’s Land’’) in comparison with ‘Earth Blues’ and sounds a bit more live. The main reason for that may be that the band recorded the songs almost after one or two rehearsals. Possibly best enjoyed with a big joint within reach, but I dig it as it is. Raw, melodic, heavy and filled with quality tracks and superb guitar solos. Hallucinating! These guys rule!


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