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I never heard the first CD ‘All The Way’ that came out in 2014. These Swedish rockers have been working on the follow-up with new keyboard player Kevin Hosford who also provides part of the lead vocals on ‘Superhero’ together with Marcus Nygren. This is typical a CD that will appeal to fans of AOR, West Coast rock or to say it more bluntly fans of Toto, Houston, Cliff Magness, C.W.F. and the more traditional AOR acts like Survivor. ‘Superhero’ is an excellent record in this genre, yet far from original and the vocals especially during several tracks are a bit too sugar coated perhaps. For instance the ballad ,,Lie To Me’’ where female singer Kristina Talajic joins forces with State Of Salazar is a bit on the soppy side but hey, fact is that State Of Salazar in the vocal department has things in order with strong lead vocals and crispy choirs and arrangements. Most songs have a steady tempo, are smooth and slick, radio friendly but also have a bit of bite to them. The eleven songs together form a strong combination that will satisfy fans of the genre in more ways than one. Although the ‘a ha’ factor [where have I heard this before?] is from time to time quite high I must admit that I absolutely enjoyed the efforts of State Of Salazar. Aimed at a certain audience that maybe not so big these days, but done with quality ‘Superhero’ is for sure a cool record to pass some time with.


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