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It has taken singer Steve Grimmett ten years to come up with a new studio CD for Grim Reaper. It was in 2006 that he rekindled the career of the group that recorded three albums in the middle eighties (‘See You In Hell’, ‘Fear No Evil’ and ‘Rock You To Hell’). After the first spell with Grim Reaper Steve became the singer of Onslaught and later formed Lionsheart (four studio and one live CD). From 2006 the band has been known as Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper, leaving no doubt of who is in charge. This album was already announced by the singer somewhere in 2013 it seems, so things must have been or a bit slow or perhaps it was difficult to provide finances for the recording, who knows?! At first the CD was going to be released as ‘From Hell’, but it sees the daylight under the title ‘Walking In The Shadows’. Through the years the approach and style of the group (read Steve Grimmett) has not changed. The man still produces melodic heavy metal with his current bandmates Ian Nash (guitar), Paul White (drums) and session bass player Mart Trail (who has been officially added to the line-up). His high pitched voice leads the way on tracks like ,,Thunder’’, ,,Temptation’’, ,,Blue Murder’’, ,,Come Hell Or High Water’’, ,,Reach Out’’, ,,From Hell’’, ,,Call Me In The Morning’’ and ,,Wings Of Angels’’. As a lot of the songs are more or less in the same vein, key and style, it does not make it easy for the listener to keep his of hers attention with the record. A good ballad would have been welcome, or maybe even a more epic longer track. ‘Walking In The Shadows’ is now too one dimensional to make a lasting impression in my view. Nice to hear every once and a while but at the end of the day this has to be seen as a dime in a dozen release.


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