steve hackett the night siren


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Guitarist/composer Steve Hackett has been around since the early seventies and was in the first half of that decade part of Genesis. Later he was a founding member of the progressive super group GTR, but throughout his career Hackett has concentrated mainly on his own albums. For this 25th solo album Steve has travelled around the world recording with a bunch of artists, using different instruments, looking for a different approach and mixing all those experiences and musical adventures together in ‘The Night Siren’, an album that has ‘peace’ as the central theme. It is without a doubt a prestigious project by Steve Hackett and his guitar work is as always exquisite. But this is music for the happy few as most of the songs are well crafted, but have almost nothing to do with rock music. If you are into this man’s career ‘The Night Siren’ is definitely worth checking out, as it is adventurous and it shows how diverse Steve Hackett’s music can be, but it is not my cup of tea if I am honest.


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