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After a very reasonable album with guitarist George Lynch, Stryper boss Michael Sweet has picked up work with his own band. Result: ‘Fallen’ with twelve more or less typical Stryper tracks. Michael’s vocals are sometimes a bit over the top, a little bit bombastic and high pitched, but that is the way we know and like him. Partly because of Michael’s voice Stryper has created their own recognisable sound. On a musical perspective you can say that Stryper stays true to themselves. Hard edged eighties based rock and metal with a great foundation laid by drummer Robert Sweet and bass player Tim Gaines, swimming in an enormous amount of riffs and solo’s from Oz Fox and Michael Sweet. Sure, Stryper sings about God and the Bible and that is not everyone’s cup of tea. I do not mind it although it does not make me go to church every Sunday. ‘Fallen’ has a surprising cover. Stryper has recorded the track ,,After Forever’’, originally by Black Sabbath. Stryper covering a Sabbath track…. Well, listen to the amazing result and you will hopefully agree with me that this one off the best tracks on ‘Fallen’. Stryper created Christian metal and is still alive and kicking. Many of the bands they inspired and tried to follow in their footsteps are no longer around. ‘Fallen’ is the latest and yet again a very convincing calling card for the true believer. Thank God for Stryper!


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