Stuck Mojo albumcover

STUCK MOJO-Here Come The Infidels

It was about time we got our Mojo back. After the live reunion with original singer Bonz last year, the Atlanta boys are back in town with their first album release in eight years. Main man Rich `The Duke’ Ward has recruited an amazing new singer called Robby J who is capable to close the gap of carrying the legacy and open a new chapter at the same time. `The Duke’s’ trademarks are all over the album and end up in eleven killer songs that will blow up every mosh pit. It was about time, I can only repeat myself. Sure, Rich Ward was delivering amazing output with Fozzy as well, no doubt, but the metal pioneers have been hardly missed in the past years. So much for an amazing idea, I would suggest to `The Duke’ to grab Chris Jericho out of the WWE ring and hit the road in a double infidel live package; Fozzy AND Stuck Mojo. Well, you’re welcome…..;-)


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