After hearing the 8th studio album of Tesla, hailing from Sacramento, I am in ‘Shock’. The group decided to put Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen in charge of the production and help them write the songs. Well, if you are into the old Tesla of the first three, four albums you will probably get a ‘Shock’ as well as the band around guitarist Frank Hannon and singer Jeff Keith have never ever sounded this polished and soft. Where are the guitar duels between Hannon and second guitarist Dave Rude?

There are hardly any on ‘Shock’. And what are we supposed to think when we listen to a soft pop orientated song like ,,We Can Rule The World’’ or ,,California Summer Long’’? I can understand that a band sometimes needs to do things a bit different to keep things fresh and in perspective but Tesla has almost made a 360 degree turn and unfortunately for the worst. Of course there are moments of quality present on his record like for instance ,,The Mission’’, but it feels to me that now we are listening to a second hand version of Def Leppard with big choirs, polished guitars and an over the top production. Tesla has taken a big risk here and somehow I have the feeling that the fans are not going to like it. This is a bit too far over the top as far as I am concerned and I feel that this album is going to do more harm than good to the reputation of this group. Or have I heard it completely wrong?

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