Napalm Records

I know, the joke is so extremely old but if this is the Answer? What was the original question? I suppose it was: is rock music still alive? Well, open up your ears to the brand new album by Northern Irish wonder boys The Answer and you answer this question by yourself. Fuck yes it is. Almost twenty years in the business, they tuned their sound to perfection. Luckily, they are blessed with a unique voice like the one of singer Cormac Neeson. Before we can even realize how good the eleven songs on the current album are, we already realize a killer tour package coming our way. Guess what? It is the Answer and the Dead Daises. Can you imagine what kind of an awesome rock show this is going to be? Well hope so, till then, have `Solas’ rotate permanently in your CD player and learn the songs as you going to be front row celebrating with the boys soon.


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