the ferrymen a new evil


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A little over two years ago multi-instrumentalist Magnus Karlsson (Primal Fear/Allen-Lande/Starbreaker), drum virtuoso Mike Terrana (Axel Rudi Pell and many others) and Chilean monster singer Ronnie Romero treated us to a bombastic melodic metal party called ‘The Ferrymen’. On that first album things really fell into place for the trio so it should come as no surprise that a sequel has been manufactured bringing some more old school classic rock and melodic metal. The surprise might not be there anymore on ‘A New Evil’ but Karlsson as producer and main songwriter always delivers a certain level of quality material and he always has great singers working with him (Ralf Scheepers, Russell Allen, Jorn Lande, Tony Harnell and in this case Ronnie Romero). Karlsson writes songs that are perfectly suited for the voices of the here mentioned singers and that is without a doubt a big plus if you know exactly what to bring to the table to get the best possible result. The style that The Ferrymen is focussed on is pure power rock and metal. Especially Mike Terrana is a man that like the keep the pace up and running and that is exactly what is happening on ‘A New Evil’. Listen to the opener ,,Don’t Stand In My Way’’ that is driven by a monster riff, fast paced drums and Romero powering his way through the vocal lines. It is a prelude to more of this kind of approach by three musicians that are in total control here. Not a record for the faint hearted perhaps but mainly aimed at pure melodic metal fans who like it upbeat and thunderous. ‘A New Evil’ will give you that in more ways than one.

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