THE SWORD-Used Future

Razor & Tie

The Sword from Austin, Texas is making stoner space metal since 2003. First some demo’s and singles and in 2008 there was their first full-length album ‘Gods of the Earth’. The last studio album was from 2016 called ‘Low Country’ and last year they gave us a live album ‘Greetings from …’. Now we have their 6th studio album and The Sword is taking us on a trip down memory lane. Rock that might have come out in the 1970’s. Listening to ‘Used Future’ I hear bands passing by like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pink Floyd and Hawkwind. Really, every song could have been on a black vinyl album in a smoky pub with a lot of pints on the bar on a Sunday afternoon when your local soccer team again lost an important match. Ten years ago I personally rediscovered Hawkwind. I enjoyed myself for months with that great old tunes from the past. Now I am enjoying myself again with The Sword, taking me back to my childhood. Favorite tracks are ,,Deadly Nightshade“, ,,The Wild Sky” (instrumental with a fantastic riff), ,,Sea Of Green“ and Brown Mountain“. If you would like to go back in time ‘Used Future’ is the album to dive into.


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