Napalm Records

Icelandic trio The Vintage Caravan have found a new record company in Napalm Records after breaking ties with Nuclear Blast. On their previous four records the band around singer/guitarist Oskar Logi Agustsson managed to improve their sound, style and songs that are based on classic rock meets blues, retro rock and psychedelic influences and although The Vintage Caravan sounds a bit more sophisticated in the vocal department on ‘Monuments’ fans of this group will certainly not be disappointed.

On ,,This One’s For You’’ Oskar sounds so breakable and vulnerable and although it is a very soft track it fits nicely with the more robust rest of the tracks. Yet again The Vintage Caravan has found the right balance between sounding retro/psychedelic but also modern as well. It is like listening to a seventies rock record that has been catapulted into modern times with the epic closer ,,Clarity’’ maybe as the most impressive track where all pieces of the The Vintage Caravan puzzle fall together. A strong record that might require some getting used to for some people but I am convinced that the sheer quality of this album will finally get to you. 



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