THE WILD!_WildAtHeart_3000

THE WILD!-Wild At Heart


These wild eyed rockers come from Canada but if you would have told me that they hail from Australia I would have believed it. After hearing their second effort ‘Wild At Heart’ I am sure that these boys would go down like a wild fire Down Under. This type of no nonsense and raunchy rock and roll with attitude and a shitload of enthusiasm and an inspiring brutality is maybe not too original perhaps, but the four guys led by singer/lead guitarist Dylan Villain sound so goddamn convincing and honest on these ten tracks that I toss originality overboard. Produced by veteran Mike Fraser the Canadians are going to take the world by storm and are going to compete with Airbourne who is going to be the contender to seriously step into the limelight, following up AC/DC as world act. Airbourne are already on their way, but Villain, The Kid (guitar), Reese Lightning (drums) and Boozus (bass) are right on their heels! This is crunchy, this is heavy, this is taking you by the neck and shaking you up so hard that you will surrender to songs like ,,Kansas City Shuffle’’, ,,Another Bottle’’, ,,White Devil’’ and ,,Ready To Roll’’. No bones about it, if you want to be free from all headaches, bills and day to day sorrows, order yourself a copy of ‘Wild At Heart’ and rock until you ….eh…. drop!


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