THE YELLOW KING-Debris And Modern Wreckage

Barhill Records

‘Don’t eat the yellow snow‘. Who hasn’t heard this term already and avoided to go for the yellowness in winter wonderland. But this winter, something yellow will take over to break your necks with a grin. The debut album of this German band is like a wrecking ball. If you imagine to be a house, be prepared to get wrecked, really hard. The Yellow King are mixing metal, hardcore, punk and post rock into perfection. It is a pity the album only contains 8 songs, but I’m sure this is just a teaser. I see the band as a caged monster that wanted to do everything to get out of this cage. Now they did, smashed an album onto planet earth and is raging the stages for pure destruction. Be prepared, this is just the beginning. I see a lot of small sweaty clubs with a lot of mosh pits, headbangers and pure energy. Remember what I said in the beginning: don’t eat the yellow snow, but consume a lot of Yellow King.


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