thorium, thorium


Empire Records

Well, here is THORIUM. The welcome surprise from the low-lands with a beast of a debut album. Three guys from the famous Belgian band Ostrogoth: axemen Dario Frodo, Stripe and Tom Tee had written about seven tracks for a new Ostrogoth album, but the compositions where so far away of what they could realize with Ostrogoth that they came up with something else. So a new band was born with compatriot Louis Van Der Linden behind the drumkit and the sympathetic Dutchman David Marcellis (Lord Volture/Black Knight) on vocals. The album starts with an intro (,,March Of The Eastern Tribe“) followed by the track ,,Ostrogoth“, which you can sing-a-long after one time listening. ,,Court Of Blood“ is the next in line. A great track in the vein of the NWOBHM tradition with a powerful scream by David ‘Lord Volture’ Marcellis, which vocals fit perfectly on this debut album. ,,Godspeed“ is a track which refers to bands like Helloween and (the old) Stratovarius. A perfect power metal song with a refrain that sticks in your head for the rest of the week. Thanks for that guys!

,,Icons Fall“ has a great rhythm where it is impossible to sit still and behave yourself. For fuck’s sake I put the volume sky-high. Sorry neighbors I can’t help myself. Let the music do the talking on the next three tracks ,,Powder and Arms“, ,,All Manner Of Light“ and the (for sure) Tom Tee composition ,,Return To The Clouds“, with an easy listening part in it to come to your senses again. The last track is the +15 minutes long ,,Four By Number, Four By Fate“. THORIUM’s epic masterpiece. You might see this as their ,,The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner” or ,,The Loneliness Of the Long Distance Runner”. Well, what a debut album. I’m flabbergasted by this one. If you are into the NWOBHM (especially Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Saxon) and you also dig bands like Helloween, Iron Savior and Stratovarius, and you also might know Ostrogoth ….. go get this masterpiece! And the good news is that they are going on the road. They might even come to a venue near you! Go check them out live, you won’t regret it. I’ve had the privilege to watch their first performance in the Netherlands and man, was that good!!!


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