Despotz Records

Holy mother of thunder!! These chicks have some balls. Sweden knows already but now the thunder is slowly rolling over to Europe mainland and will infect the rock fans with lightning. Kissed by AC/DC, the five girls are making sure that the Australian legacy will be transfered into the next decades. Whoever says, women can’t rock should go fuck himself deeply in the ass. Of course they can and they do. Thundermother is the proof. Listening to their album, you can’t sit still, you want to go out, to a bar, drink whiskey, wearing tight jeans and a leather jacket, just party all night long. They are for sure no cheap AC/DC copy cats or rip offs, they simply take the best out of this generation of music and make it their own, with a unique singer that blow your socks off. Seriously what else do you want to hear about this band ? Go buy their music, don’t fucking steal it, buy it, we need more music like this.


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