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Alan Marsh, the original singer of Tokyo Blade, is back on ‘Unbroken’, a real classic metal album full of energy and dominated by the guitars of Andy Boulton and John Wiggins. Tokyo Blade is a classic metal band and ‘Unbroken’ is filled with excellent twin guitar riffs, hooks, melodies, solos, and lots of variety in song material. Let’s start with the highlights, being: ,,Burn Down The Night” [which sounds like Blue Oyster Cult in their best days], ,,Dead Again” [with spectacular howling guitar solos] and ,,The Last Samurai”, an anthem-like track packed with great melodies and awesome guitar solos. The rest of the songs are also worthwhile listening to, but the three before mentioned tracks are way better…Unfortunately Tokyo Blade also recorded a real filler on this album; namely the really cliché hard rock song ,,Stings Like An Open Wound”. A song that in my humble opinion is redundant on this otherwise more than excellent metal/hard rock album. My last piece of advice goes to singer Alan Marsh whose vocals on ‘Unbroken’ sound a bit too flat and monotonous; I am sure that he can use his voice more diverse and so add to the better sound of Tokyo Blade as a whole. Nevertheless, this new Tokyo Blade album is highly recommended!!


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