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My first impression of this record was a bit like: ‘oh no, how predictable and shallow.’ But if you like your heavy rock in the old fashioned style as it was produced in the late 80’s and early 90’s I think Tokyo Motor Fist might be your destination. The band is formed by the veterans Ted Poley (Danger Danger, Bone Machine and recently active under his own name with the album `Beyond The Fade’) and Steve Brown (Trixter, latest CD `Human Era’). The singer and guitarist have shared a friendship for many years and have sealed that with this CD for which they recruited bassist Greg Smith (Ted Nugent/Alice Cooper) and drummer Chuck Burgi (Rainbow, Blue Oyster Cult, Billy Joel). What do you mean veterans? All these dudes have tonnes of experience so it is no surprise that this records rocks your sock off. Most of the tracks are fast paced good time rockers with a strong heavy sound, sometimes with sing a long choruses and are pretty easy to digest. We have heard it all before, I must admit, as the album does have a lot of in common with the very early Danger Danger stuff. But Poley sounds a lot more convincing than on his latest solo effort, Brown has plenty of guitar exploits to offer and Smith and Burgi are as solid as a rock. Of course there are a few obligate ballads (,,Love’’, ,,Don’t Let Me Go’’ and ,,Get You Of My Mind’’) but do not misunderstand me. Although Tokyo Motor Fist does not try to avoid any cliché’s that are so familiar to the genre, this is a very nice and above all balls to the wall rocking record. I don’t mind this at all. First impressions can be deceptive indeed.


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