Good to see that my native country The Netherlands still develops young rock talent. Tricklebolt is a five piece outfit hailing from the village Lemele in the vicinity of Arnhem where, according to the band, life is quiet. Time to make some noise with Tricklebolt and wake the village people up with a good and healthy dose of seventies and eighties infiltrated heavy rock with a lot of room for tradition. I have got no idea how young or old the musicians are but looking at their clips on YouTube I dare say that none of them was born in the seventies when bands like Bad Company, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath were ruling the rock world. So it is a nice thing to see that the boys from Tricklebolt have gone back to those days on their first CD with 12 tracks. Two quirky guitars and a buzzing Hammond organ determine the mood on this record. Singer/guitarist Bastian Pen can’t hide a minor Dutch accent in his vocals and why should he? Drummer Ymte Koekkoek and bassist Daan Pen are the guys that form the rocking and very reliable backbone of this band and their playing gives lead guitarist Tim Kampman and keyboardist Roy Scholten plenty of opportunity to put the colour in the songs backed by the solid beefy riffs that can be found all over the music. Traditional heavy rock with tempo and plenty of melody and Tricklebolt are bold enough to put it across and shove tracks like ,,River’’, ,,Come Along’’, ,,High Trees’’ and ,,1996’’ right in your face. These dudes rock and fans of classic hard rock will encounter happy times by getting Tricklebolt’s music in the house. Sometimes keeping things simple can be just as effective as perhaps trying to add unexpected elements to the music. Tricklebolt does not need difficult manoeuvres to be effective. By keeping their music classic and hard rocking they do get their message across on a record that deserves a big compliment. For more info you can surf to the band’s website:


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