TWELVE NOON-Saints And Sinners

Eclipse Records

This formation hails from Pittsburgh and started out only two years ago. The main guys are singer Michael Loew and guitarist Rob Hell and they are accompanied by drummer Justin Runkel, second guitarist John Devlin and bass player Tim Clark. After recording this CD they decided to release it on their own but they also send some promotion packs to several labels. Chris Poland of Eclipse liked what he heard and decided to sign Twelve Noon up quickly. Not a bad move indeed by Poland as Twelve Noon has produced an interesting record. Do not be fooled by the album title that might make you think about a band playing in the style of Whitesnake. Sure, Twelve Noon has a lot of melodic aspects in their sound, but can be more described as melodic alternative metal with in the vocal department every now and then a slight grunt and screams (,,Better Side’’, ,,Change My Ways’’, ,,No Way Out’’) to give the songs a bit of a different taste. When we look at the level of the compositions we have to conclude that for such a young band they have done a satisfactory job. There is sometimes a big difference in the songs themselves. ,,Breaking Down’’ is a nice melodic rocker while ,,No Way Out’’ has a lot of pure brutality displayed, especially when mister Loew goes to town using his vocal chords and the band switches to overdrive. But this big difference in these songs is what makes Twelve Noon a band to keep a keen eye on. I am not sure what kind of a direction these guys want to take in the future but for a debut record ‘Saints And Sinners’ sounds heavy and cohesive enough to put the name Twelve Noon on the map. Let us see what happens in the future, but for starters a more than decent beginning.


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