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Way back in 1980, the band with one of the most original band names ever, released their debut album called ‘Wild Cat’. The name of that band is of course Tygers Of Pan Tang (name derived from Pan Tang, a fictional archipelago in Michael Moorcock’s fantasy series Elric of Melnibone), one of the metal bands that were part of the NWOBHM. I still like the Tygers debut album and now, thirty-nine years later, this notorious band comes up with their 13th studio album called ‘Ritual’. Without further ado I can tell you that ‘Ritual’ is a killer album, featuring ten amazing metal/hard rock tracks that are so Tygers Of Pan Tang, but then again also not…  This album kicks off with a true killer riff in the opening song ,,Worlds Apart” and the song has an incredible, powerful impact that makes you want to long for more of this stuff! Follow up ,,Destiny” is destined to become a Tygers Of Pan Tang live staple, as it features a very catchy rhythm and chorus; meaning made to be shouted along to during live gigs. Other metal highlights on this amazing album are: ,,Raise Some Hell” (super guitar riff), ,,Spoils Of War”, ,,Art Of Noise” (very powerful) and ,,Love Will Find A Way”, being very melodic featuring more than excellent vocals of Meille. Besides the true rockers ‘Ritual’ also features two great “ballads”, being: ,,Words Cut Like Knives” and ,,Sail On”, the latter is one of my personal favs on this album as the guitar work here is rather phenomenal. So, Tygers Of Pan Tang release a mighty album, highly recommended for metal heads, a claw ripping gigantic sabre tooth Tyger kind of an album, which needs to be in your record collection. Play it f….LOUD!!!

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