Ugly Melon Just A Man



In our interview section you are able to read all about the history of this Toronto, Canada based outfit so we can go straight into the music that the band has produced on ‘Just A Man’. As guitarist Lu Cachie already said in the interview this group stands for melodic metal and rock with classic influences but served up with a modern twist and he hit the nail right on the head there. ‘Just A Man’ is a nine-track energetic rock explosion that offers without any exception well-written and performed songs. Singer Tony La Selva has a strong powerful voice and he has also the necessary variety in his vocal chords delivering a very all round performance. Listen to his achievements on songs like the crushing openers ,,Bring Them Home’’ and ,,Drawn And Quartered’’ and the balladesque power track ,,Fathers Eyes’’. Really impressive stuff from the singer and band. Of course, there are influences there from classic acts like Black Sabbath for instance but Ugly Melon has the ability to give the sound and songs their own character that stands up against any other modern rock band that has any meaning today. And let me add to that that this group is strong at switching gears during the songs, making sure the element of surprise is there as well. Toronto has always been a good environment producing classy rock bands [Harem Scarem, Moxy, Triumph, Toronto and so many others] and it seems that Ugly Melon is the latest one showing their face and their ability. ‘Just A Man’ is a very convincing sounding grown up metal/rock record that has all the ingredients to become a classic. Read the interview on here to find out where you can get hold of this record!


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