VOODOO CIRCLE-Whisky Fingers

AFM Records

It is not easy to be a full time musician these days. In order to get by more and more musicians participate in all kind of projects and bands. CD sales have declined the last years for everybody. As a band you must tour to earn something. The musicians in Voodoo Circle all play in various bands. Mat Sinner (bass guitar) and guitarist Alex Beyrodt play in Primal Fear and Silent Force, singer David Readman in Pink Cream 69 and keyboard wizard Alessandro Del Vecchio has also various projects and plays in Silent Force and Hardline. Beyrodt and Readman started Voodoo Circle in 2008, ‘Whisky Fingers’ is album number four. The record is a perfect fit for people who are into classic heavy rock. More than once the style, sound and performance takes me back to the old Deep Purple and Whitesnake. I am not criticising, but ‘Whisky Fingers’ reminds me a lot of the famous ‘1987’ Whitesnake classic. Okay, Voodoo Circle might not score many points if we are talking about originality. But who gives a shit about that when the songs and performance of the group are more than above average? Because that is the case here. These are experienced musicians and songs like ,,Medicine Man’’, ,,Straight Shooter’’, ,,Heartbreaking Woman”, ,,Trapped In Paradise’’ and ,,5 O’Clock’’ (for a fraction of a second sounding like ,,Purple’s ,,My Woman From Tokyo”) are little jewels indeed. ‘Whisky Fingers” gets my vote of confidence!


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