walter trout battle scars



Walter Trout has not had it easy the last couple of years. His wife and manager Marie has written a story about what has been happening to Walter, whose health was so bad that he needed a liver transplantation. You can read all about it when you listen to the CD and look at the information supplied. It is truly sad. In fact Walter has been face to face with death, so we should be glad he is still among us. The lyrics of Walter Trout have always had a certain kind of autobiographical character. ‘Battle Scars’ is about his illness, his doubts about his life and musical career and the fact that God and his family have pulled him through. Sometimes it is a little over the top lyric wise, maybe a bit sentimental, but it is touching. Song titles like ,,Almost Gone’’, ,,Please Take Me Home’’ (for sure about his wife), ,,Tomorrow Seems So Far Away” and ,,Gonna Live Again” speak for themselves. Musically and vocally Walter stays true to himself. The songs are melodic, sometimes heavy, his vocals are good (even the rasp in his voice is still there) and as usual his band is pretty good. ‘Battle Scars’ is a very personal CD, for sure the most personal Walter has ever produced. His fans will be happy with his return to the stage.


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