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Normally I am not really into death metal but seeing the fact that Withering Surface plays melo-death metal I thought I would give it a try…  After the first spin I was actually surprised and I can truly say that this is a classic melo-death metal album with lots of big choruses, raw vocals and really aggressive guitar riffs and hooks. The first single of this new album is called ,,Leaves In The Stream” and it is thrashy, fast and absolutely not radio friendly; but who cares, it rocks like hell!! The opening song, which is the title track, is my personal favourite, as it is an almost proggy death metal epic filled with screaming guitars and raw. Thrashy vocals; check out the fast guitar solo in this one. Another highlight is the (death) metal “ballad” ,,I’ll Soon Be Gone”, featuring a duet between singer Michael Andersen and his 19 year old daughter. ,,Alone”  is a very fast, aggressive track and yes it is indeed a cover of the Heart ballad, but that is hardly recognizable….
I would say that all in all ‘Meet Your Maker’ is a pretty good “return” of Danish melodic death metallers Withering Surface, so if you are familiar with the sound of this band and you digged them, then this album is probably a must have!!

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