WOLF-Feeding The Machine

Century Media Records

The 8th studio album of Swedish heavy metal masters Wolf is a treat to all lovers of melodic, head banging anthemic metal and although the album does not offer any musical surprises, ‘Feeding The Machine’ is very worthwhile purchasing. Singer/guitarist Niklas Stalvind and Simon Johansson (guitar) have been joined by Pontus Egberg (bass guitar) and drummer Johan Koleberg to complete the “perfect” Wolf line up. Musically speaking Wolf glorifies the heavy metal of the eighties with references to the NWOBHM and speed metal from Germany. Just listen to excellent tracks like ,,Shoot To Kill”, ,,Midnight Hour”, ,,The Cold Emptiness” or the title song and you know that these guys rock like hell. ‘Feeding The Machine’ also contains lots of catchy choruses (read: shout along choruses) galore indeed and sometimes they sound rather too predictable. Some reviews of this album really are very negative stating that some songs utterly avoid any originality and that Wolf produces brainless metal, but I will not go along with that sort of comment, as I would rather call Wolf’s music straightforward in your face no-nonsense metal. So, make up your own mind, and give ‘Feeding The Machine’ a chance, or in other words, the benefit of the doubt….

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